Announcement: Change of Managing Director

Dear valued Customer,

‘Partir c’est mourir un peu’

In March 2022 I will turn 65 years of age, and I have decided to leave the Venduehuis and retire. On 7th January 2014, I started working as managing director for the Venduehuis in The Hague. I had no background in art nor did I have any experience with or knowledge about auctions. At that time, the Venduehuis was in a precarious position and change was desperately needed. Today, almost eight years later, the Venduehuis is the market leader for arts and antiques auctions in the Netherlands. I am grateful the board decided to hire me, and I am proud of what we have achieved over the past eight years. Recently, we conducted a survey whose responses demonstrated our customers’ appreciation of the results and the services of the Venduehuis. Our printed catalogues and website are even said to be on a par with those of Sotheby’s and Christies!

Looking at the Venduehuis today, it is sound and in good health. The year-on-year financial results exceed expectations, and we appear to be the Netherlands’ favourite auction house for consigning valuable arts, antiques, silverware, jewellery, books, and prints. Our experts, marketing team, administration staff, and front and back offices have developed into the best in their class. Thanks to my colleagues, my tenure at the Venduehuis has turned out to be the most rewarding period in my professional career. I’d like to thank all of my colleagues for their continuous support, and for their patience with me pushing the boundaries of the Venduehuis. On 1st January 2022, Hans Huygens will take over my responsibilities as statutory director of the Venduehuis, and I wish him nothing but the best for the years ahead.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank my wife, Annemieke, for her continuous love and support.

I hope to meet many of you during our viewing days from 7th to 13th December here at Nobelstraat 5 in The Hague, where the Venduehuis has been operating since 1812.

Peter Meefout
Managing Director