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Provenance: Galerie Delta, The Heritage of a Passionate Collector

21 maart 2018

Design – April 2018

18 april 2018

Post-War & Contemporary Art – April 2018

19 april 2018

On 21 March, our first themed auction of 2018 will take place. ‘Provenance: Gallery Delta, the Heritage of a Passionate Collector’ features artworks from the eponymous gallery in Rotterdam and the private collection of ‘Mister Delta’, Hans Sonnenberg. The auction includes over 400 lots, including important Modern art, design, earthenware, and glass, as well as furniture, costume jewellery, toys and tribal art.

Simultaneously, several hundred lots from the same collection will be auctioned through Internet only. This online-only auction will run until March 22nd, 2018. The proceeds of both auctions will benefit the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum Foundation in Rotterdam. An extensive, 180-page full-colour catalogue will be available at the Venduehuis for €10,-

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Auction ‘Provenance: Galerie Delta’
Wednesday 21 March, 3 pm and 7 pm (two separate sessions)

Viewing days 
Friday       16 March     10 am     –   4 pm
Saturday   17 March     12 noon –   4 pm
Sunday     18 March     12 noon  –   4 pm
Monday    19 March     10 am     –   4 pm

Op 18 april houdt het Venduehuis haar eerste veiling gewijd aan het design van 1900 tot heden in samenwerking met Frans Leidelmeijer.

De kijkdagen vinden plaats van 13 t/m 15 april 2018. De veiling is op woensdag 18 april 2018.

Deze veiling toont zowel internationale als Nederlandse naoorlogse en hedendaagse kunst.

Een aantal Nederlandse kunstverzamelaars bieden een deel uit hun collectie aan met schilderijen, fotografie en sculpturen van onder meer: Johan van Oord, Daan van Golden, Hans Op de Beeck, Markus Lüpertz, Lucebert, Shinkichi Tajiri en Herman Berserik.

Upcoming auction:
Winter auction - February 2018


A selection of this auction

Lot 8

Wim Bosma (1902-1985)

Shipping in the port of Rotterdam oil on canvas, 59x69 cm

Lot 79

Paul Fuller (1897-1951): a Wurlitzer Jukebox 700 78RPM

1940, United States of America. Designed by Paul Fuller, 78 rpm, 24 selections. The '700' features a unique grill design, framed by colored lights and plastics. Made of buffed plastics, veneer and chromed metal.

Lot 209

Serge Vandercam (1924-2005)

Untitled oil on canvas, 120x100 cm

Lot 225

Hugo Claus (1929-2008)

Onder water met Ava Gardner (1963) oil on canvas, unframed, 180x150 cm

Lot 241

After Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis

Scale model Philips Pavilion plaster, wire, wood and paint, 11,5x27,5x22,5cm Executed circa 1956/57, probably by Bakema Architects, Rotterdam.

Lot 244

Allen Jones (1937)

Life Class (1968) Published jointly by Editions Alecto, London and Arts Moderna, Basel and printed by Emile Matthieu, Zurich.

Lot 253

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Self-Portrait offset lithograph on silver-coated paper, numbered 108(?)/300, 57,5x57 cm

Lot 264

Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015)

Magnolia from 'Suite of Plant Lithographs' (1964-65) lithograph, numbered 72/75 (there were also 10 artist's proofs), 57x80 cm.

Lot 353

Rainer Fetting (1949)

Im Boot acrylic on canvas, unframed, 210x260 cm




Hans Sonnenberg, ship broker, gallery owner and collector

Rotterdam’s character is one of strength and stability. The city moves ahead, she is by nature international and enterprising and her people also work together to a certain extent. Preferably by making waves: a mantra as solid as the noise of a pile driver thrusting into the clay. The city continues to evolve. Hans Sonnenberg, a.k.a ‘Mr. Delta’, named after his Gallery, stimulated the urban contemporary art climate in the sixties.

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14 March: Le Corbusier, Varèse, Xenakis: Le Poème électronique

‘Le poème électronique’ was supposed to have taken place at the 1958 Brussels World Expo, featuring music by Varèse. A reconstruction of this multimedia exhibition will be presented at the Venduehuis on Wednesday evening 14 March in a special collaboration with the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam, and 1001 Publishers in Amsterdam.


European Fine Art

For our international European Fine Art Auction we are pleased to value your Old Masters and paintings from the 19th century Romantic and 20th century Classic Modern period.
Please contact our experts for a free and discrete valuation.

Consignment until 15 March 2018.

European Fine Art Auction: Wednesday 30 May 2018.


Venduehuis der Notarissen

The Venduehuis der Notarissen will officially celebrate its 200-year anniversary in 2012 as an Auction House in The Hague. Before then, public sales of properties, farms, land, and household effects were organized by the City’s Auctioneers. The auction house was established in September 1811, when The Netherlands were conquered by the French Empire and fully integrated in 1810. The Netherlands came under the administration of the French judicial system. This resulted in further public sales being held under the supervision of a Notary Public.

The Association of Notary Publics in the city of The Hague were the first in the Netherlands to establish the “Venduehuis der Notarissen”. In January 1812 the first auction was held in the present building in the Nobelstraat. The Auction house is now – and always has been – owned by the Association of Notary Publics in The Hague. However they are not the only users of the Auction House. Anyone can buy and sell items other than real estate through our Auction House. The right to buy/sell real estate lies exclusively with the Notary Publics.

Meet our experts to discover what the Venduehuis can offer you. We will be happy to advise you about appraisals and consignment, so that you are able to make the best possible decision about your valuables.