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Post-War & Contemorary art Auction

17 - 18 April 2019

The upcoming Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction on 17 April shows the breadth of post-war art in the Netherlands: an early statue by Shinkichi Tajiri, a Zero object by Henk Peeters, drawings by Jan Schoonhoven, works by painters of the New The Hague School, and a collection of paintings and drawings by CoBrA contemporary Wim Gerritsen. International art featured in the auction includes graphics by David Hockney, Pierre Soulages, Lucio Fontana, and Barbara Hepworth as well as multiples by Vasarely and Jean Arp and original works by Sol LeWitt, Maryan, and Berlinde de Bruyckere amongst others. In addition to art from private consignors, the auction includes work from the estates of The Hague-based painter Kees Andrea and Marcel Vos, art critic and director of the artists’ workspace ‘De Ateliers’.


The viewing days will take place on 12 and 15 April from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on 13 and 14 April from 12 noon to 4 p.m.
The auction will take place on 17 April starting at 7 p.m. (on location, lots 1–184) and on 18 April closing from 8 p.m. (online only, lots 501–628).
Print copies of the catalogue are available at the reception desk. Digital copies are available

Upcoming auction:
Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction - 17 april 2019


A selection of this auction

Lot 3

M.C. Escher (1898-1972)

Platwormen/Flatworms (1959) lithograph, stamped 'proef druk niet gesigneerd' (trial proof, unsigned), unframed, image 33,8x41,2 cm, full sheet 48x64,5 cm

Lot 19

Piet Ouborg (1893-1956)

Drijvende gele vormen oil on canvas, 51,5x60 cm

Lot 22

Willem Hussem (1900-1974)

Untitled oil on burlap in artist's frame, 40x80 cm

Lot 38

Co Westerik (1924-2018)

Meisje met grammofoon gouache on paper, 51x60,5 cm

Lot 56

Shinkichi Tajiri (1923-2009)

Moon landscape cast iron with dark grey patina and metal applications, 8,5x42x28 cm

Lot 124

Markus Lüpertz (1941)

'Das nächste Beste' Published in 1990 by Picaron Editions, Amsterdam, and printed by Rob Cox, Amsterdam.

Lot 152

David Hockney (1937)

Pretty Tulips lithograph in colours, numbered 112/200, image & full sheet 73x51 cm

Lot 166

Sol LeWitt (1928-2007)

Untitled folded and torn paper, 50,5x10 cm

Lot 172

Henk Peeters (1925-2013)

Roodbruine paardestaart 'fenna' human hair and rayon on board, 80x75 cm (in artist's frame 91x86 cm)




Post-War & Contemporary Art

In the past three years, the Venduehuis has seen some excellent modern and contemporary art auctions. The number of consignors and buyers is increasing steadily, and our catalogues have become collector’s items in and of themselves. As mentioned previously, we have encouraged collectors to evaluate the way in which they part with their collections.
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