To consign items at Venduehuis an appointment with one of our experts is necessary.
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Selling at the Venduehuis The Hague
Venduehuis The Hague has the proven track record over the centuries of taking care of your valuables. We are the leading auction house in The Netherlands where regularly record prices are achieved. We are here to provide you with an advice about appraisals and consignment for you to make the best possible decision about your valuables. We provide valuation for insurance, succession or division of your inheritance. We create a beautiful exhibition where your valuable art objects will be displayed in-house and online for the viewing by the art connoisseurs, art collectors and art lovers in the Netherlands and worldwide. You will be witnessing a thrill of a theatre in the auction room with an auctioneer fighting to get the highest possible price for your valuables. Please meet our experts to discover our team of passionate for art and antiques experts at Venduehuis The Hague. If certain conditions are met, we can offer flexible commission fees. Please inquire about our conditions.

Auction Options
We are happy to discuss various possibilities to auction your valuables to reach the highest possible bidding price. Our doors are always open for your consignments during the whole year. We offer 3 (three) auction options:

1. In-house hammer auction with an auctioneer present in the room. You are welcome to participate in live biddings in-house, via telephone, in writing or online via different platforms (for example, our website and Invaluable). Art collections are exhibited in our sales rooms at Nobelstraat 5, The Hague.

2. Online auction with the viewing days: auction is online, while the art objects can be viewed in the sales rooms during the viewing days.

3. Online only auction without the viewing days: auction and the viewing are online only. 

An arrangement can be made with you for a limit for goods with an estimated yield of € 500,- or higher. A sales limit is a discretionary agreement between you and our auction house with regard to a minimum sales price for an object at auction. Should the limit not be attained during the auction, the lot will not be sold. In that case you can opt to have your object auctioned at a later date or have it returned to yourself. If it goes back to be auctioned, the limit will be reset at a lower price. In the case of having the object returned you are obliged to pay our photo-and administration costs as formerly agreed.

For information about the sellers premium we kindly ask you to contact us.

Retrieving your lot

If it has been decided not to include your lot in another auction, we would like to ask you to collect it as soon as possible or arrange for it to be shipped by Easy2Send. However, if you do not pick up your lot(s) when you have been urged to do so by phone or in writing thrice within a period of two months or longer, Venduehuis The Hague is entitled to sell or auction off this lot, against any reasonable offer. 

If the costs of the previous auction(s) (at least € 150 per auction) and any other costs exceed the proceeds of the auctioned/sold lot, these costs are payable by the seller. Any costs that were already paid will not be refunded to the seller, in this case.

If your lot has not been retrieved six months after the auction, Venduehuis The Hague is entitled to sell or auction off the lot, regardless of whether or not you have been asked to retrieve the lot.

The Terms & Conditions can be found here for your perusal. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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