Buyer's premium
On the hammer price,
you pay 30% up to and including €100.000,-
on the excess 24% per lot.

When you want to join the bidding process during our live auctions via an external auction site extra costs will be charged:

Invaluable = 5% extra on top of the hammer price.
Drouot = 3% extra on top of the hammer price. 


The Droit-de-suite fee is the right of the artist of an original of a work of art to receive a percentage of the selling price with every subsequent resale of that work.B.V. Venduehuis der Notarissen in The Hague will, in accordance with the Dutch law, recover the statutory droit-de-suite fee from the buyer. The Venduehuis will also see to the financial processing.

The droit-de-suite fee will be calculated starting at €3,000 on the sales price including buyers premium (excluding VAT) as composed of the following percentages:

> €      3,000     < € 50.000     4%
> €   50.000     < € 200.000  3%
> € 200.000     < € 350.000  1%
> € 350.000     < € 500.000  0,5%
> € 500.000      0,25% (met een maximum van € 12.500)

Sales commission
For a hammer price up to and including € 15.000, a sales commission of 20% of the hammer price is implemented.
For a hammer price above € 15.000, a sales commission of 12% of the hammer price is implemented.

If the consignment is exceptional, other conditions can be discussed.

Terms and conditions & Privacy policy 
Download our general terms & conditions 
Download our privacy policy here

Collecting your lot

Please be aware that if a seller or buyer does not pick up their lot when they have been urged to do so by phone or in writing thrice within a period of two months or longer, Venduehuis The Hague is entitled to sell or auction off this lot, against any reasonable offer.


If the costs of the previous auction(s) (at least € 150 per auction) and any other costs exceed the proceeds of the auctioned/sold lot, these costs are payable by the seller or buyer. Any costs that were already paid will not be refunded to the seller or buyer, in this case.


If the lot has not been retrieved six months after the auction, Venduehuis The Hague is entitled to sell or auction off the lot, regardless of whether or not the seller or buyer has been asked to retrieve the lot.


The Terms & Conditions can be found here for your perusal. If you have any questions, please reach out to info@venduehuis.com.

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