Road diversions around Venduehuis The Hague

Road diversions around Venduehuis The Hague (updated on 20 February 2023) 

To Venduehuis The Hague, from the Mauritskade 

If your route to Venduehuis leads through the Mauritskade, you will encounter signs describing a diversion route at the junction of Noordeinde and Zeestraat. These signs will read ‘wegomlegging Zeestraat’ (detour Zeestraat) and ‘wegomlegging Torenstraat’ (detour Torenstraat). You can ignore these signs! 

Instead, you can go straight ahead through the road narrowing at the junction. From there on, you can follow the road, along the curve to the left, past the concrete roadblock at the Piet Heinplein. Go straight ahead over the Prinsessewal and at the end of this street, go straight ahead at the junction to the Prinsestraat. The third street on the left is the Nobelstraat. Parking space in front of our location is limited. 

If you are not carrying large or heavy artworks or antiques, we would suggest going directly to Q-Park Torengarage, a nearby car park. A few meters after crossing the junction to the Prinsestraat, turn right at the yellow sign labelled ‘Q-Park Torengarage’. At the end of the narrow Pieterstraat, turn left to the Torenstraat


From Venduehuis The Hague in the direction of Wassenaar/Leiden/Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Utrecht 

Drive to the ‘Grote Kerk’ (Great Church) and go to the left, between the roadblocks, to the Jan Hendrikstraat. At the traffic lights, go right to the Prinsegracht. On this street, follow the yellow signs labelled ‘Mauritskade’. This route will lead you to the right, using the Lijnbaan, to the right over a bridge to the Noordwest Buitensingel and the Waldeck Pyrmontkade. Here, the route ‘Mauritskade’ goes to the right. 

You can also continue on on the Stadshouderslaan and go right at the traffic lights to the President Kennedylaan (at the other side of the junction, you will find the Museon and Omniversum). Follow the route over the Johan de Wittlaan and the Professor Teldersweg to the Hubertusviaduct. You can follow the curve in the road to the right to the provencial house or follow your own route through the Hubertstunnel.