During viewing days and during live auctions usage of a face mask and complete a health check form are mandatory

During viewing days and during live auctions usage of a face mask and complete a health check form are mandatory

To ensure the health of our staff and visitors during viewing days and live auctions, we have put in place the following measures:

· Wearing a face mask is mandatory while visiting our premises.

· Filling a health check form is mandatory before entering our premises.

· Should you have any symptoms such as sneezing, a cold, a fever, or shortness of breath, please do not attend the viewing days. This also applies if anyone in your household has symptoms.

· Please keep 1.5 meter distance from others while visiting us.

· You will be able to have your temperature taken at Venduehuis using an automatic temperature scan. The device is contactless.

· A maximum number of visitors will be allowed in the showrooms at a time. You may be asked to wait before entering during busy periods.

· You should always follow instructions given by our staff. 

During viewing days:
Upon arrival you will be asked to submit a health check. You will be able to check your temperature using an automatic temperature scan. If a red light blinks on the scanning device, you must return home and make an appointment to be tested for coronavirus.

You will be provided with one pager per household. This device will buzz and beep if you stand too closely to other visitors. It will not require any set-up. Pagers should be returned upon leaving the building and will be sanitised immediately.

Single-use face masks and gloves will be available at the point of entrance free of charge.

Hand sanitisers are provided throughout the building.

Should you wish to inspect paintings, jewellery, or other objects, you may be required to wear single-use latex gloves.

Plexiglass screens might have been placed in some reception areas; please ensure you stay behind these. 

Coffee corner:
The coffee corner is only open on the weekend. All drinks and food should be consumed while seated. Our staff will assign you a table and will bring your order to you.

Participating during the live auction in the sales room:

There are several options for participating in our auctions:

1.       Bidding online from your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We recommend you use this method if possible.

2.       Bidding in the sales room. We request you come alone. Please note there are only 30 seats available.

3.       Placing a maximum bid preceding the start of the auction. This can be done in writing or online. Absentee bids should not belower than the starting bid as indicated online.

4.       Bidding by phone on lots with a minimum estimate of €500. Please contact us at info@venduehuis.com in advance to arrange this.

In all cases you should be registered with us before the start of the auction. This can be done online at www.venduehuis.com or at the reception desk.

The number of seats in the sales room is limited. Please keep in mind that you may not be able to enter the room until a seat becomes available. If bidding in the sales room, you must be seated. We advise you to reserve a seat prior to the live auction.

You are only permitted to enter the sales room having your bid number with you. Bid numbers can be obtained in advance at the reception desk during the viewing days and on the auction day.

If you are attending the live auction on-site, please come alone.

On the stairs, ascending visitors have right of way.

You will be assigned a seat in the sales room by one of our staff. If you do come together but are not part of the same household, please be aware it may not be possible for you to be seated near one another.

Please always follow the instructions of our staff promptly.

We hope you enjoy visiting our viewing days and/or your participation during the live and timed online auctions.

In case you plan to visit us for consigning your valuables or in case you’d like to collect your purchase(s) we recommend to make use of our appointment tool.