Asian Art Sale

23 November 2018

今年11月23日在荷兰海牙著名拍卖行Venduehuis举办的亚洲艺术拍卖特会上取得了令人瞩目的成绩。一个1620年至1680年间的中国青花瓷花瓶,预估价为700欧元,最终落槌价为53.320欧元。 这个花瓶描绘着山景中的人物。此拍品被来自中国的买家拍到。其他成功拍出的拍品包括:

一个青花瓷花瓶,过渡时期 (拍品号:2569)

落槌价:€ 8.500,- 欧元 (未含投标费)

中式雕刻的翡翠玉挂花瓶,乾隆时期 (拍品号:3016)

落槌价:€ 5.000,- 欧元 (未含投标费)



落槌价:€ 6.000,- 欧元 (未含投标费)


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A selection of this auction

Lot 2555

A blue and white plate

Ming dynasty. Decorated to the centre with a phoenix between clouds and lotus sprigs, the exterior border with a band of flowering lotus.

Lot 2564

A blue and white 'kraakporselein' charger

Wanli. Decorated to the centre with a scene of two men in a mountainous river landscape, surrounded by fishermen and tulips in alternating panels.

Lot 2614

Een grote wucai kom


Lot 3088

A lot of four various Obi, for late summer

19th century, Japan. One Obi in beige, light blue and dark blue, and golden brown with a design in alternating rows of peonies and chrysanthemums, between rows of birds, flowers, and leaves, woven ton-sur-ton (440x33 cm). Condition: faded, wear and tear. The second Obi in beige, silver, and brown with a delicate, all-over pattern of flowers (412x33 cm). Condition: faded, wear and tear, torn on one side. The third Obi in azure, golden brown, and dark brow, with a pattern of momiji leaves (404x33 cm). Condition: usual wear and tear. The fourth Obi in broad stripes alternating in bluish purple and green, with a broad pattern of clouds, flowers, and branches, with geometrical elements in between (400x30 cm). Condition: wear and tear. Silk and metallic threads. (4).

Lot 3098

A Cambodian sandstone stele depicting Uma

Cambodia, 12/13th century. In both hands, she carries the lotus. The lotus in her right hand is broken. Uma has a narrow waist, broad shoulders and elongated earlobes wearing heavy earrings. She wears a throne and her hair is tight into the shape of a lotus bud. Her lower body is covered with a sampot.

Lot 3114

A grey stone stele of a Jain Tirthankara

India Karnathaka, 12th/13th century. Standing in kayotsarga on a lotus blossom beneath a parasol. This thirthankara, with hair curling at his shoulders, is one of the 24 Jain tirthas and belongs to the Digambara sect who are depicted naked and without ornaments (alamkara). A foliate arch issued around the head is centred by a kirtimukha above while two camaras are depicted on both sides of the figures face. Both earlobes are elongated of the thirthankara who is flanked by a yakshi and a yaksha depicted on the base. This Jain stele originates from a Jain sanctum and resembles the style of the Jain temple at Lakkundi in Karnataka.

Lot 3131

An Ottoman Kilij

Ottoman Empire, early 19th century. A one-handed, single-edged and curved Ottoman kilij with a high-quality steel blade with fine gold inlaid intricate patterns and inscriptions in cartouches, probably verses from the Koran. The hilt is made of whale tooth and the scabbard of wood, black leather and repousse silver.

Lot 3126

Two Bengal composite paintings

Murshidabad, Bengal, India, early 19th century. Two detailed composite paintings of a bull and an elephant,, combining elements of Company School and Mughal painting. Due to the small, meticulous details probably from Murshidabad, Bengal.



The Venduehuis der Notaries创始于1811年,是荷兰最古老的拍卖行。这座拍卖行位于荷兰海牙市中心一栋历史性建筑中,是前任市长住所。 Venduehuis 在过去两百多年历史一直为几次重要历史拍卖扮演着重要的场景。 像在1882年,Johannes Vermeer 约翰内斯·维米尔的世界著名画作《戴珍珠耳环的少女》在此拍出,现在成为了Mauritshuis 博物馆的标志。 在Venduehuis,高端的艺术品和古董在此进行拍卖:其中有绘画,银器和珠宝,家具,钟表,小饰品等。更不用说有很多中国瓷器和亚洲艺术作品了。 拍卖行平均每年安排10次拍卖,您可以实时在线参与拍卖喊价。您也可以通过官网在线查看英文版的图录册。本行还为每一次的亚洲古董和艺术拍卖特会安排额外的中文口译服务,口译员将为您提供现场翻译服务。