Vendue Next Door Auctions

Vendue Next Door auctions take place exclusively on the Internet; no auctioneer is involved. The auctions run for two weeks on our website.

Most items offered through Vendue Next Door are of good practical value while also being affordable. Many lots are taken from property that is being sold on behalf of the notaries public.

All lots are collected in the online Vendue Next Door catalogue. 
They are also on display at the Venduehuis in The Hague; the Vendue Next Door viewing days coincide with the viewing days of our Arts and Antiques Auctions.

No limits are placed on the lots in this auction; all bids begin at 15 euros, followed by five, 10, and 20 euro increments or up. These increments will always be shown on-screen during the two weeks that the auction runs.

In order to participate in the Vendue Next Door auctions, it is necessary to sign up in advance. Please select “Register” on the Venduehuis homepage at the top right and submit the sign-up form. Click the second box at the bottom:
​‘Yes, I would like to be able to bid Live online during auctions.’
Upon completion of the form, you will receive an email with a unique code that will allow you to participate in the auction. This code can also be used for future auctions.

Please be sure to accept the terms and conditions.

On the final day of a Vendue Next Door auction, it is not possible to sign up for participation in the current auction after 4 p.m., as we are unable to process your registration in time.