Roadworks are currently being carried out on Prinsestraat, the main street adjacent to Nobelstraat. This affects traffic around Nobelstraat. As the roadworks are carried out incrementally, the situation changes every week.

If not delivering or collecting large or heavy goods:
If you have an appointment and are travelling by car, but do not have any large or heavy goods to carry, we recommend that you park in Q-park on Torenstraat.

At the time of writing (30 April) there is an alternative route from the Mauritskade–Prinsessewal junction (corner of Koninklijke Stallen). It is currently not possible to turn left at the traffic lights to access Prinsestraat via Prinsessewal. Instead, please continue straight onto Elandstraat. At the next junction with traffic lights, turn left onto Vondelstraat. Follow the curve of the road to the right until Vondelstraat becomes Torenstraat. The entrance to Q-park Torengarage will be on your right, next to a sushi restaurant. The walk from Q-park to Venduehuis takes approximately three minutes.

If delivering or collecting large or heavy goods:
Nobelstraat is accessible from Torenstraat on your left and across from the entrance to Q-park. Turn left onto Kleine Nobelstraat to reach Nobelstraat. Please be aware of any trams.

Due to work being carried out at the Albert Heijn supermarket on Torenstraat, Kleine Nobelstraat is regularly inaccessible. In this case, Venduehuis may be reached via the opposite entrance to Nobelstraat (against the flow of traffic).