In the past three years, the Venduehuis has seen some excellent modern and contemporary art auctions. The number of consignors and buyers is increasing steadily, and our catalogues have become collector’s items in and of themselves. As mentioned previously, we have encouraged collectors to evaluate the way in which they part with their collections.

The artist Pat Andrea and his brother Hein have asked the Venduehuis to sell their father’s collection. Kees Andrea (1914–2006) was a painter based in The Hague. Since his passing, a large number of his works has remained in his residence, untouched; these works will be sold across several auctions. However, the collection not only includes paintings and drawings by Kees Andrea himself, but also works by his colleagues and African tribal art. Particularly noteworthy are lithographs by M.C. Escher, which originally belonged to Kees Andrea’s father, August Andrea, who was a lithographer and printed Escher’s work. Our Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction on 16 October 2019 will also include a number of Escher’s prints from the estate of Kees and August Andrea.

Another notable part of this auction is the collection from the estate of Marcel Vos, art critic, art teacher, and director of the artists’ workspace ‘De Ateliers’. Vos passed away last year. He was 75 years old. The revenue of the sale of his collection will contribute to a fund established to stimulate and support young artists. This collection features several conceptual works of art, such as bulletins from the Art & Project art gallery and a minimalist piece by Sol LeWitt, as well as an important painting by Ben Akkerman.

The art of CoBrA contemporary Wim Gerritsen has been long undervalued, but now the tide has turned.

Even before the start of the auction, his works have attracted the attention of many. The paintings in this auction, which were made over sixty years ago, have a Basquiatesque air of youthfulness and are of international quality. The breadth of post-war art in the Netherlands is illustrated by an early work by the sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri, a Zero object by Henk Peeters, and drawings by Jan Schoonhoven.

Gracing the cover of the catalogue are David Hockney’s favourite flowers in his work ‘Pretty Tulips’. Hockney’s work is currently featured in the ‘Hockney–Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature’ exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which runs until 26 May 2019.