Terms and Conditions

Buyer’s commission
lots with a hammer price of less than € 15.000,    29% all in
lots with a hammer price of €15.000 or more,      24% all in
When you want to join the bidding via the auction site Epai we will have to charge you 3% extra on top of the hammer price and via Invaluable we will charge you 5% extra.

Sellers commission
Ask our experts for the conditions.


Valuation Costs

Assay Office costs: Gold and silver with foreign hallmarks must legally be assayed to comply with Dutch law. This does not apply to objects with a Belgian hallmark dating after 1814. The costs for the assay office are for the seller’s account.

Warehouse and insurance costs. These costs are not usually for the seller. Purchased lots should be collected within 5 working days after the auction. After 5 days we will have to charge you warehouse costs at €2.50 per lot per day.

Droit de suite

Droit de suite applies to: Original pieces made by artists up to 70 years after passing who are nationals or residents of any country part of the EU or EER or from any country with equal legislation concerning droite de suite.

B.V. Venduehuis der Notarissen in The Hague will, in accordance with the Dutch auction houses, recover the statutory droit de suite fee from the buyer. The Venduehuis will also see to the financial processing.

The droit de suite fee will be calculated starting at €3.000,- on the sales price including premiums (excluding VAT) as composed of the following percentages:
> €     3.000     < € 50.000    4%
> €   50.000     < € 200.000  3%
> € 200.000     < € 350.000  1%
> € 350.000     < € 500.000  0,5%
> € 500.000                            0,25%

(with a maximum of € 12.500)

General conditions

You can read the general conditions using This link (PDF file, 100kb).

Privacy policy

You can read the privacy policy using This link (PDF file, 100kb).