Our experts provide an educated opinion for auctions, insurance, succession, the division of inheritance in accordance with the guidelines and advice provided by the Dutch Federation of Certified Appraisers, Brokers and Auctioneers in Movable Assets (TMV). Click here for more information on the TMV. 

We perform valuations not only at the Venduehuis offices but also at your home or a warehouse. You are welcome to send us a picture of your valuable(s) to have a first indication whether it is suitable for the auction. Our experts are happy to get in touch with you to answer any of your questions.

We provide appraisals of art and antiques on weekdays at our headquarters in The Hague and during external valuation events throughout the country. Our in-house specialists offer confidential and free of charge valuations of your individual piece or of your collection. You are cordially invited to make an appointment prior to these valuation days or to enquire about other options to receive a free valuation of items you are considering to sell. Click here for more information on valuation options

For any information request about our valuation days please contact: Philomeen van 't hooft via 

Upcoming valuation 

National Art Valuation and Consignment week  at Venduehuis The Hague 


Irresistible offers up to 0% selling commission fees* at Venduehuis The Hague.


Venduehuis The Hague is organising a national art valuation and consignment week from Monday, September 13, to Saturday, September 18.

Our knowledgeable specialists will be present to provide you in-person with a free, confidential and non-binding valuation, as well as answer any questions you may have about auctioning your art and valuables. We also offer a free valuations of your art and antiques via our easy online valuation tool available at

After submitting your photos and a short description of your valuables our art experts will contact you (via email, call or video call) to advise you on the best possible auction options.


We are particularly interested in high-quality paintings from Old Masters to Post-War and Contemporary art as well as Indonesian art, antique and contemporary silverware, antique and signed jewellery, Chinese porcelain, Asian art, antique furniture and design, clocks and decorative art, as well as Antiquarian books and prints.

Please book an appointment on or contact us at 070 365 8857 or email


September 13 – 18  | National Art Valuation and Consignment week at Nobelstraat 5, The Hague

Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM




*Please inquire about our conditions