Halfjaarlijkse Kunst- en Antiekveiling Najaarsveiling 2017

Een greep uit deze veiling

Kavel 164

Jan van Kessel I (1626-1679)

A concert of birds
signed lower left
oil on copper, 18x24 cm
Compare this composition to 'A concert of birds', oil on copper 14.2x20.39 cm, sold at Christie's Amsterdam, 25 Nov 2014, lot 104.

€ 17.000

Kavel 200

Willem Maris (1844-1910)

'Koeienhoedster in een bos' / Girl tending cows in the woods
signed lower left and dated 1868
oil on canvas, 65x113 cm
- Collection Pieter Scheen, The Hague, cat. Aug. 1972, nr. 23.
- Kunsthandel Borzo, 's Hertogenbosch, Spring Exhibition Haagse School, 24 March - 14 April 1973, no. 51, with ill. as: 'Koeienhoedster in een bos'.

€ 17.000

Kavel 215

Otto Eerelman (1839-1926)

Two Saint Bernard puppies
signed lower right
oil on canvas, 37,5x51,5 cm
Auction: Sotheby's/Mak van Waay, Amsterdam, 24 April 1978, lot 261, as: 'Twee St. Bernard puppies'.

€ 19.000

Kavel 216

Otto Eerelman (1839-1926)

Five Saint Bernard puppies
signed lower left and dated 1902
oil on canvas, 128x89 cm
Auction: A. Mak b.v, Dordrecht, 14 December 1976, lot 39.

€ 42.000

Kavel 279 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

Pierre Alechinsky (1927) and Christian Dotremont (1922-1979)

'Ecriture à voie lactée boréale'
signed lower right by both artists, titled and dated 31.X.72
Chinese ink on paper mounted on canvas, 105,5x79 cm
Provenance: Galerie Art Actuel, Anne van Horenbeeck, Brussels (label on the reverse).

€ 7.000

Kavel 3531

A Marquesas 'u'u/ uhu warrior club

A carved bifacial club, a so called 'u'u, made from ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia, ironwood is a common name for a large number of woods that have a reputation for hardness.), sinnet and human hair. Club with heavy, oval-ended head representing a human face. On each side, two small tiki heads carved in high relief, surrounded with radiating lines, represent the eyes. Above the brow lines on each side, a small tiki face is carved in low relief. The main tiki head (representing the nose) is at the centre of a projecting angular crossbar. Below, three design areas, carved in low relief with the ipu (container) motif, joined by a carved string in low relief, reminiscent of two arms. Below this a broad tiki face (eyes only) are carved in low relief, with another band of ipu motifs underneath. The lower part of the shaft is bound with plaited coconut fibre, securing sections of hair. The butt is slightly flared and carved at the bottom with a diamond shape. Both sides of the clubhead are carved similarly, with minor differences, showing a series of faces of different kinds looking in all directions keeping a watch in every direction.
The club is made from tough and heavy ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia), called toa, also the name for warrior. The rich dark patina was achieved by steeping the club in taro clay and by polishing with coconut oil. Also with coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) fibres (sinnet) and human hair and with an extremely fine, glossy, dark-brown/black patina.
Provenance: Private Collection, the Netherlands, formerly in another private collection, the Netherlands and orally communicated to have been part of the collection of Mr. Keetridge (sic.), England. The number in white: 'Ma-2738.c' is probably an inventory number from this British collection ('Ma' van Marquesas?).
Before 1840, French Polynesia.
Ca.130x15x10 cm.

€ 28.000

Kavel 4524

Moisej Kogan (1879-1943) and Hildo Krop (1884-1970)

A terracotta moulded embossment with eight standing nudes under a colonnade.
To be dated in the 1930's, one signed: "Gebakken door hildo krop HLK", meaning fired by Hildo Krop. When in Amsterdam Moisej Kogan stayed at the home of Hildo Krop, during one of these occassions Krop has fired this embossment.
Broken in two and restored.
15,5x29 cm.

€ 5.500

Kavel 5015

An eighteenth century longcase clock

With eight-day going train, striking on a large and small chime, with anchor escapement and alarm function. The brass dial-face with silvered chapter ring, signed: Paulus Bramer, Amsteldam, and with four gilded spandrels and Roman cyphers. The dial-face with full calendar (day, month and moon), adorned with automaton ships in the lunette. The oakwood case with flower grain veneer and finely carved crest. In the door of the trunk a brass cartouche depicting Europe.
18th century, Holland.
The sculpted wooden finials restored.
287x44x24 cm.

€ 6.000

Kavel 5519

A secrétaire à abattant

The dentiled cornice above a single drawer with an ivory inlaid single drawer and two gilt bronze handles above a drop leaf writing panel with marquetry inlay of bows, ribbons and draperies with a large ivory inlaid panel depicting a landscape. The lower section with two doors, both with inlay of bows and ribbons and with a single panel inlaid with ivory. De side panels with matching decor. Resting on four tapering feet.
18th century.
140x78x43 cm.

€ 6.800